About Phil Curry

Has worked in both education and the creative arts for over 30 years - the last 27 of them in Denmark.
Phil has over 20 years experience as a professional translator. He is also a passionate musician and educator.
He has written several books and devised teaching materials for schools - including the world's shortest English grammar book. As well as teaching, he has worked professionally as a musician and has lectured on education and run educational courses since 1983. Phil is happiest devising new projects.

Company profile

The company was originally started by Phil Curry in 2002, as a translation bureau and language consultancy. The vision was to provide first class translation services and also to advise Danish businesses on all matters relating to communication in English. After a brief hiatus, the company is now back in business and still works with translation, but has also diversified its brief to include language coaching and creativity in the business and education sectors.